At Sacriston Auto Services we only fit OE quality parts provided to us by top suppliers (BOSCH, Brembo, Mintex ect…) to make sure you get the best quality and service that we can provide.

£28.50 MOT's - LOW PRICE!

We provide one of the cheapest MOT service in County Durham. We have the facilities, equipment and staff that allow us to test all types of vehicles and motorbikes.

Vehicle Service

Servicing includes essential checks that are carried out on different critical vehicle components such as the braking, steering and suspension system.

Tyre Replacement

Sacriston Auto Services provide two different types of 4-wheel laser tracking/alignment, Hoffman and Hunter.

Advanced Diagnostics

At Sacriston Auto Services we use a wide range of advanced diagnostic equipment such as the Verus Edge, Launch x431 and the BOSCH tech 2 as this allows us to cover ALL types of vehicle.

Timing Belts, Clutches & Gearboxes

We have access to all manufacture specifications and repair intervals, call and ask to see what miles or duration the belt/chain should be replaced.


We have top-of-the-range equipment, trucks and trailers to recover all types of vehicle. servicing heavy recovery, light recovery and roadside assistance.

Battery Testing

Using the lasts Boshe battery testing equipment not only allow us to test your battery is working correctly but also allows us to test your starter motor and alternator.

General Car Repairs

We can carry out repairs on tyres, exhausts, clutches, gearboxes, bodywork, air-con, suspension, steering, engines and performance upgrades.

Why Choose Us?

Your Local Car Repair Specialists


Over 20 years of experience

Our senior technician has over 25 years experience with a wide range of European makes and models.


Fully qualified techinicans and mechanics

Our highly trained and experienced technicians are able to provide the range of services you would expect from any garage.


Customer satisfaction guaranteed

All parts and workmanship are guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever is sooner.